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    The song Who Am I was inspired by the painting, After Much Contemplation, by Al Rounds which depicts a young Joseph Smith the day after The First Vision, gazing off into the Sacred Grove behind the Joseph Smith, Sr. cabin in Palmyra, NY. You will notice the tool in his hands. It is the epitome of those called by the Lord; wonderful visions and blessings followed by the rounding up of the shoulders and getting to work.

    The song explores the thoughts and feelings of the young prophet: "Why should I have had an answer to a simple prayer?" His conclusion is that "I'm His child." The implication for us is that we are all God's children, and we are all able to receive answers to sincere prayers.


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    Music and Lyrics by: Cathy Neff (ASCAP)

    Who am I that I should have an answer to a simple prayer?
    That I should know the very God of Heaven hears my prayers?
    Who am I?

    Who am I to think I matter?
    Who am I to touch the sky?
    Who am I to have an answer,
    And to know the reason why?
    Who am I?

    Who am I that I should feel the power of undying love?
    That I should have a glimpse into the royal courts above?
    Who am I?

    Who am I to know I matter?
    Who am I to understand?
    Who am I that He should listen
    When the world is in His hands?
    Who am I?

    Who am I that the very God of heaven should know my name?
    I will never be the same. Who am I?

    I'm His child.

    ©2015 Honor White Stone® Press

  • Image credits

    "After Much Contemplation" © Al Rounds. Used with Permission. For more information, visit www.alrounds.com


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