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  • Spirit of Freedom

    Spirit of Freedom is a powerful patriotic piece based on two historic melodies from America's quest for freedom: the Revolutionary War fife and drum tune, The Girl I Left Behind Me, and The Battle Hymn of the Republic. The drum parts used in Spirit of Freedom are adapted in part from the printed music for the fife tune published by Bruce & Emmett in 1862. This is a great piece of history, and a wonderful addition to your concert band's patriotic repertoire.

    Please note a few things: 1. The midi sample given for reference under "Audio" (see above) does NOT include percussion tracks. 2. Due to the number of instrumental parts, only a sample of them are shown as preview images.  3. We ask that you please buy an additional print license if you plan to make more than one copy of each of the included PDF files. Thanks!


    • Conductor's score (PDF download in .zip file)
    • Individual parts for: flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, bassoon, horn, trumpets 1 and 2, trombone, euphonium (in both C and Bb), tuba, cymbals, snare drum, and bass drum (18 PDF files downloaded in .zip file)
    • Print License for 1 copy of each PDF
    • Optional: Print licenses for more copies (see above)


  • Credits

    Music: Traditional*, arr. Cathy Neff

    *Note: "The Girl I Left Behind Me" and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" are traditional melodies.  Drum parts for "The Girl I Left Behind Me" were printed by Bruce & Emmett, 1862.

    The cover image for Spirit of Freedom is Archibald Willard's 1876 painting, Spirit of '76.



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