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  • My Trial of Hope

    My Trial of Hope (You Came for Me) is an introspective look at rescue from the point of view of the one being rescued. Even after help arrives, it is a long road, but the hope they feel from being rescued helps them to succeed. Inspired by the painting, "My Trial of Hope...Captain Willie" by watercolor artist, Al Rounds, and the faith of the early Mormon pioneers.  (See below for mp3)


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  • Lyrics

    Music and Lyrics by: Cathy Neff (ASCAP)

    My trial of hope, my trail of tears.
    My faith is strong in spite of all my fears.
    Tho the world is cold, and long the way,
    I push along and faithful stay.

    My trial of hope, this vale of tears.
    It is His love that quiets all my fears.
    Through the pain and darkness, I can see
    The hope of Him who came for me.

    The tender mercies of the Lord -
    I have seen each day.
    The tender mercies of the Lord -
    I see them every day I live.
    I see them every day I live.

    You came for me? You came for me!
    I knew that faith would one day set me free.
    Tho I know the road will still be long,
    The hope I feel will make me strong.
    You came for me.

    ©2015 Honor White Stone® Press

  • Image credits

    "My Trial of Hope...Captain Willie" ©Al Rounds. Used with permission. For more information, please visit

    Recording credits

    Music and lyrics: Cathy Neff (ASCAP)
    Sound Engineer: Mark McLelland
    Studios: ELS Studios
    Vocals: Mark McLelland
    Piano: Cathy Neff

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