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  • My Faith

    My Faith is a 4-part hymn that explores the power of faith, both our own faith and the examples that are found in the scriptures.  It is a reminder of the power of faith, that faith grows as we nurture it and exercise it, and that strong faith is always centered on the Savior, Jesus Christ.


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    Music and lyrics by: Cathy Neff (ASCAP)

    My faith is stronger than the hills that rise above me in the sky;
    The hills that stand unmoved by any trial.
    My faith is stronger than the winds that blow and try to make me sway;
    My faith will see me safely through the storm.

    *My faith could move a mountain,
    My faith could calm the sea.
    My faith could meet and conquer any foe I see.
    My faith can give me comfort,
    My faith can set me free,
    For my faith is in the Savior, Jesus Christ.

    My faith was once a little seed that grew into a mighty tree;
    The gospel taking root within my soul.
    My faith is as a precious gift to me, it strengthens me to be
    An instrument that He can freely use.*

    My faith is brighter than the sun that shines above me in the sky;
    I feel the spirit burn within me now.
    My faith will always grow within my soul if I will but believe,
    And tune my life according to His will.*

    ©2015 Honor White Stone® Press

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