Let Him In - piano, vocal, guitar (Spanish)


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  • Let Him In
    (Que entre ya)

    Que entre ya is the Spanish translation for Let Him In, which brings you Christmas like you've never heard it before. "If the Baby Jesus came today, would you make Him room in your inn to stay?" Celebrate Christmas with the strains of "Let Him In." This versatile Christmas favorite works just as well as a vocal solo with piano or guitar accompaniment as it does with a soloist, choir, and solo violin. Powerful, or soft and poignant, either way is striking.

    This download is for the piano, vocal, guitar sheet music translated into Spanish.  Two accompaniment tracks are available, one with English background vocals and one without background vocals.  English versions of the recorded mp3, and sheet music for choir are also available.  (See additional purchase options below)


    • Sheet music: piano, vocal, guitar in Spanish (PDF download)
    • Print License for 1 copy
    • Optional: Print licenses for more copies (see above)


  • Lyrics

    English lyrics

    Music and Lyrics by: Cathy Neff (ASCAP)
    Spanish translation by: Diana Angulo

    It was a silent night; it was a holy night,
    And the stars shone bright all around.
    Angels near the earth proclaimed the Holy Birth,
    And the shepherds heard the joyful sound:

    “Let Him In! Let Him In…”

    It was another night just before that holy night
    When the travelers came to the inn.
    They heard the keeper say, “There is no room, just hay.”
    I can almost hear the angels say:

    “Let Him In! Let Him In!
    Let the Savior in!”

    If the Baby Jesus came today,
    Would you make Him room in your inn to stay?
    Would you make Him room in your heart?
    Would you let Him stay?

    Let Him In! Let Him In!
    Let the Savior in!

    Copyright 2011 Cathy Neff. All rights reserved.

  • Recording Credits

    Producer: Cathy Neff
    Engineer: Aaron Hubbard
    Recorded at Counterpoint Studios and Rotosonic Sound
    Star image courtesy of bethlehemstar.net

    Music and lyrics by Cathy Neff
    Lead vocals: Jacque Coleman
    Background vocals: International Children’s Choir, Dr. Kathy Sorensen
    Piano: Cathy Neff
    Drums: Keith Sorensen
    Bass: Alex Rowe
    Violin: Aaron Ashton
    Guitar: Aaron Hubbard, Cathy Neff
    Percussion: James Clark

    ©2011 Cathy Neff. All rights reserved.


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