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  • If Not Today

    Accompaniment track without vocals for If Not Today, a fun and light retro piece that looks at trusting in the Lord's timing. "He will answer In His own time And in His own way; If not today, Then another day." (See below for more purchase options)


    • Accompaniment without vocals (mp3 download)
  • Lyrics

    Music and Lyrics by: Cathy Neff (ASCAP)

    As life goes on there comes a time when I have to make a choice,
    And on my knees I turn to Him, and I listen for His voice.
    Sometimes there’s an answer
    Deep within my heart,
    And sometimes I keep waiting and it never seems to start,
    But I know

    *If not today, then another day just like today.
    If not today then another day just like today,
    He will answer in His own time, and in His own way
    If not today, then another day.

    I find that when I want to know, I want to know it now.
    I want to know just who and when and where and why and how,
    But sometimes in the waiting there are
    Lessons for the soul,
    So I just keep on waiting and I let Him take control
    Cuz’ I know*

    He will answer when the time is right.
    He will answer me.*

    There’s only one way, His way.
    There’s only one time, His time.
    There’s only one thing left for me to do….
    And that’s pray.

    Copyright 2011 Honor White Stone® Press

  • Recording credits

    Producer: Cathy Neff
    Sound Engineer: Aaron Hubbard
    Studios: Rotosonic Sound; Invincible Productions
    Music and Lyrics: Cathy Neff
    Vocals: Jacque Coleman
    Background vocals: Cathy Neff
    Piano and organ: Courtney Smith
    Drums: James Clark
    Bass: Alex Rowe
    Guitar: Kenji Aihara, Aaron Hubbard

    ©2011 Honor White Stone® Press. All rights reserved.

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