I Stand Ready - accompaniment track


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  • I Stand Ready

    Accompaniment without vocals for I Stand Ready, a very versatile piece about facing challenges with the Lord's help. Can be performed as a conventional choir piece, a gospel choir piece, or as a duet. Sheet music and recorded mp3 with vocals sold separately. (See below) See full lyrics in Lyrics tab.

    *Please note: the accompaniment on the mp3s is improvisational and is not representative of the written accompaniment part.


    • mp3 accompaniment track without vocals (mp3 download)
  • Lyrics

    Music and Lyrics by: Cathy Neff (ASCAP)

    This life is a journey;
    This life is a song.
    This life is a river
    That moves along.
    This life is a mountain
    That needs to be climbed.
    This life is the perfect word
    That needs to be rhymed.

    *And I stand ready,
    Ready to learn,
    Ready to go, and do, and be, and face every turn.
    Yes, I stand ready,
    Ready and strong
    To face every day,
    So come what may,
    I stand ready.

    He made the journey;
    He made the song.
    He made the river
    That moves along.
    He made the mountain
    He helps me to climb.
    He is the perfect word
    And we are the rhymes.*

    We don’t know the future,
    We learn from the past.
    We make sure our legacy
    Is one that will last.

    Oh, oh, oh, I’m ready.
    Oh, oh, oh, I’m ready to learn.

    I’m ready to go,
    I’m ready to do,
    I’m ready to be,
    I’m ready to win. *

    Copyright 2012 Cathy Neff. All rights reserved.

    Recording credits
  • Producer: Cathy Neff
    Engineer: Aaron Hubbard
    Recorded at Counterpoint Studios and Rotosonic Sound
    Vocals: Leguiya Jordan, Cameron Swanson
    Piano and organ: Courtney Smith
    Drums: James Clark
    Bass: Alex Rowe
    Guitar: Kenji Aihara

    ©2012 Cathy Neff. All rights reserved.


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