Go and Do - piano, vocal, guitar


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  • Go and Do

    Go and Do is the story of a young man and his father who gave him sage advice.  On the evening of September 21, 1823, a young Joseph Smith had three heavenly visitations in which he was instructed where to find a record of an ancient people deposited in a nearby hill.  The next day, the heavenly messenger returned again while Joseph was working in the field, and this time he commanded Joseph to tell his father, assuring him that his father would "believe every word," which he did. This is when Joseph's father told him it was of God, and that he should "go and do" as he had been commanded to do. The piece is actually in two parts: the first being a slower duet between father and son, and the second an upbeat statement of "I will go and do" by the young Joseph as he hurries to the Hill Cumorah, as commanded. See full lyrics in Lyrics tab.


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  • Lyrics

    Music and lyrics by: Cathy Neff (ASCAP)

    Go and do the things that you're commanded; (I will go and do the things)
    Go and do the things that you've been told. (I will do as I've been told)
    For I know the things you've seen,
    They are the work of God,
    So go and do the things that you've been told.

    I will go, I will do all the things that I'm commanded,
    I will go, I will do all the things that I've been told.
    I will go.
    I will do.

    I will go, I will do all the things my God commanded,
    For I know what He's commanded me to do.
    I will do.

    ©2015 Cathy Neff. All rights reserved.

  • Image credits

    He Will Believe Every Word © Al Rounds. http://www.alrounds.com. Used with permission.

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