Every Single Day - piano, vocal


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  • Every Single Day

    Every Single Day is a love song, dedicated to those we miss, whether through distance, death, or circumstance. It is a beautiful, resolute commitment to love them every day in spite of the separation, and to get stronger while we wait for the day in which we will be reunited. Piano, vocal.


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  • Lyrics

    Music and lyrics by: Cathy Neff (ASCAP)

    Even though I can't be with you,
    My heart's not far away;
    I can hear your voice and see your smile
    Every single day,
    And I want so much to hold you,
    And I hope that I have told you
    That in my heart is where you're going to stay.

    *Every day I learn to love you more.
    Every day I know what love is for.
    Every day I just get stronger
    So I can wait a little longer,
    And my heart smiles each time I think of you
    Every single day.

    In the not so distant future,
    I'll be with you once more,
    But for now I'll just remember
    What each breath's inside me for,
    And I'll do the work I'm bidden;
    I won't let my light be hidden,
    And I'll make each day seem brighter than before.*

    We may not know the rhymes or reasons;
    We don't know the times or seasons,
    But we do know who's behind the plan,
    No other than the Great I Am,
    And that is reason good enough for me.

    ©2015 Cathy Neff. All rights reserved.

  • Credits

    Recording provided as reference by Cathy Neff

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