The Ministry of Christ

The Ministry of Christ by Cathy Neff is a treasury of 17 pieces that follow the life of the Savior from the manger to the empty tomb. Written for choir, soloists, strings, brass, and piano, it is classical and contemporary in style; always engaging, always fresh, very accessible. For score information and performance arrangements, contact Cathy Neff.

Audio Samples

 This audio has very short samples of each of the songs from The Ministry of Christ:

  1. Angel Voices
  2. Come and See
  3. The Miracles
  4. The Sixth Hour (soprano solo with piano accompaniment)
  5. The Poor in Spirit
  6. They That Mourn
  7. They Which Hunger and Thirst
  8. The Merciful; The Pure in Heart
  9. The Peacemakers
  10. They Which Are Persecuted
  11. Christ and the Children (piano solo)
  12. The Parables (a cappella quartet)
  13. The Treasure
  14. Man Born Blind (tenor solo with horn accompaniment)
  15. I Am
  16. Only One
  17. One Day He Called You


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    Video: Only One from "The Ministry of Christ"


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