Christmas Eve - vocal solo, SSA, violin


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  • Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve offers reflections on the gifts brought on the first Christmas Eve and what our gifts could be today. This sheet music is for a vocal solo with SSA choir, piano, and violin. A recorded version and accompaniment track are available, as well as sheet music for piano, vocal, guitar in English and Spanish.  (See additional purchase options below) See full lyrics in Lyrics tab.


    • Sheet music: solo, SSA choir, piano, violin (PDF download in .zip file)
    • Sheet music: SSA choir parts only (PDF download in .zip file)
    • Sheet music: violin part only (PDF download in .zip file)
    • Print License for 1 copy of each PDF
    • Optional: Print licenses for more copies (see above)
  • Lyrics

    Music and Lyrics by: Cathy Neff (ASCAP)

    By the light of the star on the top of the tree,
    I can see the manger so dear to me.
    And the mother mild
    With her Little Child
    On that first Christmas Eve.

    By the light of the star wisemen come from afar,
    And I often wonder just who they are
    With their gifts they bring
    To the Infant King
    Born that first Christmas Eve.

    And the angels sing “Alleluia!”
    As the shepherds draw near Him to see.
    Oh! What homage they bring
    As they worship their King
    On that blessed Christmas Eve.

    Now the world hurries on
    And won’t stop for long;
    Won’t stop at the manger to see the Son.

    No gifts do they bring
    To honor the King,
    No words of thanks they pray!

    What a world this would be
    If the whole world could see
    That the Babe was born to save you and me!
    Oh! The gifts we’d bring
    To the Infant King
    This very Christmas Eve.

    And the angels sing “Alleluia!”
    As we all gather ‘round Him to see.
    Oh, but what could I bring
    To my Savior, the King,
    On this very Christmas Eve?

    I will give Him my heart,
    And that’s only a start
    On this very Christmas Eve.

    Copyright 2011 Cathy Neff. All rights reserved.

  • Recording Credits

    Producer: Cathy Neff
    Engineer: Aaron Hubbard
    Recorded at Counterpoint Studios and Rotosonic Sound
    Music and lyrics by Cathy Neff
    Lead vocals: Jacque Coleman
    Background vocals: International Children’s Choir, Dr. Kathy Sorensen
    Piano: Cathy Neff
    Drums: Todd Sorensen
    Bass: Rob Honey
    Violin: Aaron Ashton
    Guitar: Aaron Hubbard
    Percussion: James Clark

    ©2011 Cathy Neff. All rights reserved.


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