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  • The Dove

    The Dove is the composer's interpretation of Elizabeth Smart's miraculous return after being abducted from her home and found safe nine months later. It is told musically from the family's perspective, some of whom the composer knew personally. The work is in three movements, and annotated with events that happened. The work can also be enjoyed at face value, even without the story behind it. It is written for solo harp, Elizabeth's instrument, but can also be performed on piano. An mp3 midi track for each movement is also available.

    The Dove I - The Home sets the stage for the idyllic childhood and love that existed in the Smart home before the abduction.

    The Dove II - The Search portrays the first moments in the early hours when it became known that Elizabeth was gone, and follows the search, intense but not frantic; organized, vigilant, and constant for nine months.

    The Dove III - The Find depicts the joyous reunion followed by celebrations, both public and private, and eventually the family's request for privacy. Prayers of gratitude and family love fill their lives once more.


    • Sheet music for harp, three movements (PDF download in .zip file)
    • Print License for 1 copy of each PDF file
    • Optional: Print licenses for more copies (see above)
    • Optional: mp3 practice tracks with unlimited copy license (see above)


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