Canticle (3 movements) - clarinet, harp/piano


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  • Canticle

    Canticle is a theme and variation in three movements inspired by the Mormon pioneers' trek west. It is said that each company had a musician and the pioneers played, and danced, and sang at night after walking all day, showing the healing power of music.

    The form of Canticle is taken from a scripture: "If thou art merry, praise the Lord with singing, with music, with dancing, and with a prayer of praise and thanksgiving. If thou art sorrowful, call on the Lord thy God with supplication, that your souls may be joyful. (D&C 136:28-29)

    The three movements of Canticle are:

    I. Sorrowful
    II. Singing...Music...Dancing
    III. Prayer of Thanksgiving

    This piece works equally well for harp or piano accompaniment with Bb clarinet. Also available for flute, with the flute part adapted for range so as to be easily used for other treble instruments as well.  (See below)


    • Score for clarinet and harp/piano in concert pitch for each movement (PDF download in .zip file)
    • Bb Clarinet part for each movement (PDF download in .zip file)
    • Print License for 1 copy of each PDF
    • Optional: Print licenses for more copies (see above)
  • Image credits

    Detail of Wagon_wheel_Back_Focus by Ocean Yahama on Flickr


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