After the Rain - mp3

After the Rain - mp3

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  • After the Rain

    A touching look at how hope and faith help us through trials. Powerful ballad with piano, vocal, guitar, and violin.  (See more options below) See lyrics in Lyrics tab.


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  • Lyrics

    Music and lyrics: Cathy Neff (ASCAP)

    Once in every life some rain is going to fall;
    We take the broken pieces and go on.
    But there's one who loves us still; Seek His face and do His will,
    And He'll hold us all until we're through the rain.

    *After the rain, after the pain,
    When you feel like you can finally breathe again,
    You will know it's times like these
    That make you who you're going to be,
    And you'll know that there is sun
    After the rain.

    Tears may come and go, and years may come and go,
    But pieces of a broken heart will mend.
    It's a time for you and me
    To show just what we do believe;
    To hope in Him who sends the earth the rain. *

    Some caught in the rain they just get angry.
    Some caught in the rain they lose their way.
    Look to Him, your bright and shining beacon.
    Look to Him and He'll show you the way. *

    ©2012 Cathy Neff. All rights reserved.

  • Recording Credits

    Producer: Cathy Neff
    Sound Engineer: Aaron Hubbard
    Studios: Rotosonic Sound
    Vocals: Jacque Coleman
    Piano: Cathy Neff
    Drums: James Clark
    Bass: Alex Rowe
    Guitar: Aaron Hubbard
    Violin: Aaron Ashton